Anticipation builds for Tesla’s Model S

Could Tesla’s $60,000 electric sedan look something like this?

Aston Martin Rapide

That is what many are speculating after The Sun columnist, Ken Gibson, claimed he was given a “sneak preview” of the Model S at the end of his recent online column. Thus priming the the rumor mill at the Model S potential design forum, and leading many to claim the Model S will look like the Aston Martin Rapide concept. This keeps in line with Tesla’s claims that the Model S will be a huge, very long, four door hatchback.

The design also fits the dimensions of the Dodge Magnum Mule that was spotted next to a Tesla Motors facility with no exhaust pipe and test wheels, also in the forums:
Whitestar Mule

This is still all speculation, but anything rolling out of Tesla Motors is sure to be superbly designed and built, given their track record.


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