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The Porsche 919 Hybrid Set to Conquer the 24 Hour Le Mans

Cars entered into the Le Mans P1 event have hybrid systems that use regenerative braking to capture energy when the car slows down. One of which is the Porsche 919 Hybrid. In 2017, Porsche is returning to the top class to defend its title as FIA WEC World Champion from 2015 and 2016 with the 919 Hybrid.

Porsche’s fourth-generation 919 Hybrid is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder, two-liter petrol engine delivering almost 500 hp that drives the rear axle. Its ally is an additional electric motor delivering more than 400 hp to the front axle. The latter is fed by two energy recovery systems. Converted braking and exhaust energy is temporarily stored in a liquid cooled lithium-ion battery. Porsche is gaining key insights for series production have been obtained from the LMP1 prototype project: examples include the cooling for the battery and electric motor, the connection
technology for extreme high voltage as well as the battery management and the systems’ design.

With the 24 Hours of Le Mans around the corner, we thought we’d delve into the event and check out the cars in detail and see how they’re made in order to deal with this grueling race. We also find out how Guido Van Der Garde prepares for Le Mans 24 Hours and the difference between Le Man and Formula 1. We’ve also thrown in a few tips if you’re going to attempt to watch the full 24 Hours without falling asleep.

How To Conquer 24 Hours of Le Mans
How To Conquer 24 Hours of Le Mans by SELECT CAR LEASING.

Hybrid-powered vehicles that are cost efficient too

To have an affordable hybrid car is now a great way to reduce your impact on the environment while saving money on a daily basis for yourself – owning a car that combines a classic engine with an electrical powered one gives you versatility and breaks the dependence on oil. Luckily, these wonderful machines have been on the market long enough to give you plenty of options to choose from without breaking the bank.

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  1. Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid uses the electrical and gas engines simultaneously while driving, so technically it is not a full hybrid, but combining the two efficiently gives you reduced consumption. The two engines are sandwiched together and work as one, the Honda efficiently recharging its battery while driving on gas. Overall, The Civic is reliable and efficient if you don’t have speed in mind. This car will not go fast, but it will definitely help you reduce the costs and impact on the environment at an affordable price.

  • Price: $25,555
  • Miles per gallon city: 44
  • Miles per gallon highway: 47


  1. Toyota Prius Liftback

Toyota exceeds expectations even more with the Prius Liftback, maximizing the fuel economy levels and efficiency. The improvements are given by the reduced size and weights of the hybrid components and the increased cargo space achieved by moving the battery beneath the front seat. It is also so quiet that, when operating on the electric engine alone, the Prius Liftback emits a low warning tone that alerts pedestrians and cyclists of its approach.

  • Price: $25,025
  • Miles per gallon city: 51
  • Miles per gallon highway: 48


  1. Ford C-MAX

The Ford C-MAX is a spacious car, especially for a hybrid, that balances the pretty large size with a low consumption meant to rival its competitors on the market. The improvements made by Ford to the previous model include a more aerodynamic shape, more horsepower which allows you to reach a reasonable speed and comfortable, good quality interior.

  • Price: $24,995
  • Miles per gallon city: 42
  • Miles per gallon highway: 37

Ford C-Max


  1. Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z is the sporty car of our selection, aiming to appeal to motorists who want to feel a bit of excitement while keeping the advantages of a hybrid. While some may argue that the car is not as sporty as it looks, it has a feature that allows you to boost the speed temporarily with assistance from the electric engine only.This two-seater car is happily combining sportiness with eco friendliness and you can have a lot of fun driving it, as long as you keep in mind that it is not a sports car per se.

  • Price: $20,965
  • Miles per gallon city: 36
  • Miles per gallon highway: 39


  1. Toyota Prius c

We saved one of the best for last, as the Prius stands in its own category on the hybrid market and the c model is the least expensive hybrid you can find at this moment. It is a roomy car that does not accelerate much but offers one of the best mpg on the market. One of the ways Toyota made this price possible was to use less sophisticated materials for the interior, which will be noticeable when compared to its rivals. However, the interior is spacious, suitable for families with dogs or large grocery trips.If you are interested in reducing fuel consumption (whether it is for economic or ecological purposes) and you don’t necessarily want a car that goes fast, the Toyota Prius c is one of the best options you have.

  • Price: $19,905
  • Miles per gallon city: 53
  • Miles per gallon highway: 46


Believe it or not, hybrid-powered vehicles can be cost-efficient too. The secret is to invest smart. Before spending any money, settle on some priorities. What are you looking for in a car? Do you want a fast ride, family ride, or are you looking for speed and high performance? Regardless of your choice, it is fundamental to have a budget first. Hustle and do your research properly before anything else, and then you can decide. Look under the hood, check Porsche wheels or any other parts that you’re familiar with, and make the most of your investment.




Jaguar C-X75: The Hybrid Supercar We’d All Love To Own Some Day

Jaguar is no stranger to designing innovative and powerful concept cars. Many of these prototypes go on to become production vehicles. One model that got everyone talking was the Jaguar C-X75.


It first got unveiled back at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Jaguar says the car started life as a design concept and reached the prototype stage in just two years. That is quite impressive given the styling of the car. And also the unique way this hybrid monster works!


The Jaguar C-X75 is a sports car that we’d all love to own some day. But the sad news is that the project got shelved. The reason? Jaguar Land Rover stated few people would buy it at this moment in time “as a result of the global economic climate.”

Image via Flickr


I suspect the price of the car had something to do with Jaguar’s decision to pull the plug on the C-X75 supercar project. Would you pay between £800k to £1 million for a hybrid supercar during today’s austere times? Nope, me neither!


Sadly that means you aren’t likely to see the C-X75 as one of the H.A. Fox Jaguars on display at their showroom. Still, that doesn’t you and I from wanting to get behind the wheel of one some day (after winning the lottery, of course)!

So, what is it that makes this unique car a serious contender for supercars like the Porsche 918 Spyder? And various Ferraris and Lamborghinis?


The Jaguar C-X75: an eco-friendly supercar?


The four-wheel drive Jaguar C-X75 supercar is quite a unique hybrid vehicle. It boasts a ridiculous 850 brake horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque! But what is it that produces such a monstrous amount of power?


According to Jaguar, the car uses four electric motors – one to power each of the four wheels. The batteries these electric motors are all connected to get charged from two micro gas turbine engines. Yes, that’s right: gas turbine!


Bladon Jets in Worcestershire built the turbines. On an all-electric range, the car can only do 70 miles. The Jaguar C-X75 boasts a combined range of 560 miles. In fuel economy terms, that equates to just under 30 miles per gallon.


The Jaguar C-X75 also has a Formula One race-inspired 1.6-litre twin-charged diesel engine. This four-cylinder engine alone produces 502 brake horsepower. The rest of the power gets generated by the electric motors.


Because the car only weighs 1,350 kilograms, it can reach 60 miles per hour from a standing start in just over three seconds.


It’s also an eco-friendly supercar. With carbon emissions of just 89 grams per kilometre, it would be exempt from car tax in the UK. Now if that’s not a reason to convince your spouse that you want to buy a supercar, I don’t know what is!


Setting out blueprints for future supercars


At the time, Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s Global Brand Director, had this to say:


“[The Jaguar C-X75] represents the pinnacle of Jaguar’s engineering and design expertise.”

He also went on to say how it’s likely the car will be used as the basis for future Jaguar supercar projects.

The Dangers of a Hybrid Vehicle


The year 1886 is widely thought to be the year that birthed the automobile. Since then there have been numerous advances in the industry to the point where there is 454 passenger cars for every 1000 people in the UK.

However, with all the pollutants that these vehicles gave off, there was bound to be some kind of negative reaction, this being the unbalancing of the environment i.e. with all the trees being cut down, the carbon dioxide released from cars isn’t balanced by the amount of oxygen. Automakers answer to this? The electric car.

But, the problem that came with this is that electric cars actually turned out to be pretty harmful to the environment too, as the production of the batteries not only produced harmful by-products, but also required extensive use of fossil fuels.

So, in answer to this problem, Hybrid vehicles were born (because we simply can’t walk), a combination of both gasoline and electric-based automobiles. But, of course, this concept of an eco-car wasn’t a perfect one either, they rarely are. So what’s the problem? Read on and you’ll find out.

 A thunderous silence

From the beginning, there were questions over whether or not the sound of engines, or lack of, would create problems for pedestrians, as they can’t hear the car well enough when it’s driving at low speeds to be able to know whether or not it is coming.

This problem would be even worse for those who are not only hard of hearing, but those with poor sight as they rely somewhat on sound as an indicator of oncoming vehicles. In fact, this foreseen problem has indeed become a reality, although hybrid cars are less likely to be involved in a traffic accident, they actually have a higher likelihood (20% higher) of causing pedestrian injury.

There has even been legislation passed in order to regulate the sound cars can make, not how high, but how low it can be, in order to prevent some of the potential accidents that can occur from the lack of sound. Toyota took the first steps to counter this problem with the Camry in 2012, which emits a sound similar to an electric engine, increasing in pitch as it nears an object.

The shocking truth…

Hybrid cars actually tend to be safer than normal cars on the road, unless you’re a pedestrian, but make no mistake, they do have a darker side. If a hybrid is involved in a car accident, the battery may remain on, charging up to 144 to 330 volts DC (direct current).

The first responder to the accident puts themselves in danger of coming into contact with the battery while rescuing someone, they would be electrocuted and suffer serious injury. If it becomes absolutely necessary to come into contact with the battery, it has to be disconnected first and in the rare occurrence of battery leakage, vinegar can be used to neutralise the electrolytes.

In fact, the voltage is high enough to be lethal. But automakers have accounted for this, putting the battery wires in bright orange tubing to indicate the danger, as well as creating a system that disrupts all electric power to the battery when the car is turned off.


It’s alive!

A common feature of hybrid vehicles is the engine turning off when the car stops, in order to maintain low emission and fuel usage. Understandably, people tend to assume that the car is off, so they’re completely unaware of the fact that it can move, leading to many obvious problems, especially if the car is facing downhill or if they’re standing in front of it.

Some car companies have incorporated indicators or ‘Ready’ signs to show whether or not the car is still on or not. However, they can only be seen on the car dashboard, so a first responder standing in front of a hybrid can still be unaware of the situation, as the car can move if the driver doesn’t have the brake pressed down. It is procedure for paramedics and firefighters to secure the vehicle and stop it moving before taking any other action.

It’s certain that hybrid cars will play a massive part in the future of the motor industry, but it’s also just as certain that changes need to be made. With attempts to increase the amount of miles per gallon in all cars in the coming years, it’s going to be necessary for all automakers to try to get on par with Toyota, whose Prius has the highest mpg (53) out of all hybrid cars. This means more and more changes in future, which leads us to the real question – When will my car fly? I really don’t want to have to walk places.

Top 5 Hybrid cars of 2014

No one ever imagined that we would have hybrid vehicles operating this year, but top car manufactures have ensured that this has come to pass. We can now witness an amazing technology whereby a vehicle uses two power sources in order to move. These automotives incorporates two combined engines, one operating on electric power while the other using an internal combustion engine. Let us now look at top 5 hybrid cars of 2014 that has left everyone buzzing.


 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

This is a fast moving machine with a sport touch that makes it worth considering for any spirited driver out there. It incorporates a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor that provides it with ample power when in motion. Test drivers agree that this automotive has nimble handling, drives at an amazing speed and has precise steering. Other notable features include:

• Seamless shifts

• Has the ability to out the fuel line and automatically unlock doors in case of a collision

• Du zone automatic climate control

• 6-speaker audio system with touch screen display


 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

This vehicle offers an impressive list of standard features such as high-quality interior and decent acceleration. It also incorporates a 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor with 6-speed automatic transmission. It is able to transition seamlessly between the gas and electric power. Other important features in this automotive include:

• High-quality interior cabin materials

• Well placed and intuitive interior controls

• Heated front seats

• Dual-zone automatic climate control

• Bluetooth

• Satellite radio


2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

This vehicle will surely be uploaded not only for its comfort but also its capability to offer great fuel economy. Also with a 4-cylinder engine and an eclectic motor, the Toyota Avalon offers an adequate acceleration. It rides smooth and offers a touch of class and elegance. It also incorporates features such as

• Supportive and comfortable front and back seats

• Huge trunk space

• Easy to use climate controls

• Rear-view camera

• Audio system with a 6.1 inch touch-screen display

• Bluetooth phone and audio streaming

• Satellite radio


2014 Honda Accord hybrid

Honda Accord offers extraordinary fuel economy, upscale interior and a strong and impressive performance. It has a 4-cylinder engine and also incorporates an electric motor that provides it with ample power. It comes with a seamless start-stop feature and a flawless transition between gas and electric power. Other notable features are:

• Plenty of passenger space

• Bluetooth

• Rear-view camera

• An 8-inch infotainment screen

• Honda-link smartphone app integration

• 7 speaker premium audio system

• Satellite radio


2014 Ford Fusion hybrid

This is a great midsize hybrid vehicle that offers exceptional fuel economy and a quiet powertrain. It has an electric motor and 4-cylinder gas engine that provides it with plenty of power when in motion. It has an undetectable power transmission and 8 standard airbags. Other features include:

• Post-crash alarm system

• Inflatable rear seatbelts

• 6-speaker CD audio system with a Ford’s voice-controlled sync

• Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity

• Rear-view camera

• Adaptive cruise control

• Satellite radio

This year will see the debut of various hybrid automotives that will blow away every driver. These top 5 hybrid cars offers impressive features that perhaps we never imagined could be incorporated in a vehicle. They come with an electric motor and an internal combustion engine for high power and performance. If you want to become a competent driver who understands every aspect of driving, all you need to do is get driving test booking and become among top drivers out there.

Most Important things to know about Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars

Guest post:

Eco friendly, the term has been creating quite a buzz for the past few years, especially in developed countries, these taking upon their shoulders the brunt of accusations levelled at industrialization for the globally inimical effects of development; the environmental activism hype still surging, the message being disseminated by those in power has always revolved around what those individuals with negligible authority on the world stage could do to assuage what many think is a dire situation.

Eco friendly cars have admittedly proven to be quite popular in developed countries, those that aren’t already sporting a hybrid car already making plans to acquire one, if only to attain comfort in travel while reducing their carbon footprints. With all the trepidations regarding Eco friendly vehicles, fears elicited by misinformation, it would behoove anyone intending to go the hybrid or electric way to take into consideration certain factors regarding these new age machines:

  • First of all, hybrids are considerably easy to drive, most people taking a rather skewed view of these vehicles because of the complications of their operations. However most hybrids are equipped with automatic transmissions, many taking advantage of continuously variable transmissions, the driving experience only accentuated by intricate displays detailing the exact amount of power you are using, allowing you some control over the amount of gas you are consuming. It is worth remembering to keep an eye on the road while analysing your battery meter.
  • Hybrid batteries last a considerably longer time than most people assume; the unfounded myth that hybrid batteries require continuous replacement at up to half the cost of the original vehicle is false; chances are by the time you need to replace your battery, it is probably the right time to relinquish ownership of your vehicle.
  • Be it manual transmission models, assisted trucks and luxury vehicles, there is more to the cast of hybrid vehicles than the Prius, this much loved vehicle alongside other Toyota products such as the Lexus currently prevailing in popularity and referred to many as the face of the hybrid world, so much so that most people place little effort in perusing the large varieties of hybrids on the market, designed to meet a diversity of needs.
  • Again despite the myths hybrid cars are capable of generating considerable levels of performance, the variety of models on the market so widespread that even sporty brands such as BMW are providing equally sporty and almost as reliably performing hybrid versions. You do not need to sacrifice economy in favour of performance in acquiring an electric car.
  • Indeed it is difficult to deny the fact that the hybrid’s most unattractive quality is its pricing; hybrid cars have always been priced higher than their fossil fuel powered counterparts and with current hybrid technologies this isn’t a trend that is likely to change any time soon. Yet the question isn’t how expensive hybrids are but whether what you are receiving is value for your money, which is what electric cars offer, a means through which to comfortably traverse distance without impacting the environment.
  • Yes electric cars do have a tendency to come in smaller packages than their gas powered counterparts, thought that doesn’t make them any less safe.

Probably the most important thing you need to realize before you buy any car is what all you require for driving it safely. If you want to get any information on driving licence contact to Dvla Contact.