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Better Place Joins Forces with Subaru and Japan

Better Place announced today that it has joined Subaru and other Japanese carmakers to establish an electric-vehicle (EV) project in Japan. The press release is posted below. Press Release Monday, 08 Dec 2008 Better Place Joins Subaru, Other Japanese Carmakers In Ministry of Environment Electric Vehicle Project Kiyotaka Fujii Named Head of Better Place Asia

Hawaii partners with Better Place

Looks like Better Place has added Hawaii to it’s list of states willing to build its electric vehicle infrastructure. Today, Better Place said that it will be partnering with Hawaii to make mass adoption of electric vehicles powered by renewable energy a reality in the state by 2012. Official press release is below. PRESS RELEASE

Better Place and Renault-Nissan Expanding

A little over a month ago I wrote about Shai Agassi and his Better Place plan.  And wow, does he work fast.  Better place has added Oregon, Monaco, Australia, and California to its list of areas willing to build an Renault-Nissan electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  This will include widely deployed charging spots, but will be

On Shai Agassi and Better Place

In May of 2007, Shai Agassi launched Project Better Place. He had no cars, no test sites, no electrical engineering experience, and no automobile experience. All he had was a vision of an electric automobile charging infrastructure that would allow EVs to finally proliferate. By early summer of this year, Agassi had two countries volunteering