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Update on BG Automotive

Here’s a quick update on the progress of the American electric vehicle manufacturer, BG Automotive. BG Automotive Newsletter: February, 2009 Stimulus package includes a 10% tax credit for purchases of the BG C100. Please check web site for additional state incentives. March, 2009 BG announces the introduction of high speed/highway “all electric” vehicle powered by

Very Informative Video of BG’s C100

BG Automotive is currently manufacturing America’s first mass produced electric car, the BG C100. Here we see the first known footage of the vehicle in action. The car has extensive safety features, a steel body, and is priced under $20k. Keep in mind this car is only allowed in speed zones up to 50 mph

Update on BG Automotive

I have some more info on BG Automotive and an official press release. The official name of their upcoming NEV will be the BG C100. While the first C100 will be available in November of this year, the vehicles will not be ready to be delivered to the mass market until the first quarter of

BG Automotive Starts Essembling Electric Cars

BG Automotive, a young Philadelphia company, has already started assembling low-speed (25mph max) electric vehicles that will be available as soon as, well, now.  The company website states their 4-door hatchbacks will be available “Oct/Nov/Dec 2008”.  The BG NEV will be roughly $16,000. However, it will not be legal in Pennsylvania until the state senate