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Is The New Subaru Ascent Worth The Wait?

Image Having been around for over a century, Subaru has steadily risen in the car manufacturing industry, but never more so than in recent times. In 2009, 216,652 Americans bought a Subaru. This was followed by seven record-breaking years with the culmination of 615,132 Subarus sold in America in 2016. Compared to other companies, Subaru

The Choice Conundrum: Are Electric Cars All The Same?

For enthusiasts of green motoring, the last few years have certainly brought more good news than the decades that went before them. With governments worldwide looking at moving away from fossil fuel vehicles within the next few decades, companies that want to keep up with the changing marketplace are being forced to look into new

Autonomous Vehicles & The Trolley Problem

Right now, Tesla Motors is already shipping electric cars with very advanced autonomous drive software. Soon Apple will also have an electric car well-equipped, primarily purposed for safe, automatic commutes. These technological developments could potentially save millions of lives from human error accidents. But with the imminent arrival of autonomous vehicles, many people have started

Electric Car History Timeline

Tesla CEO Elon Musk demonstrates the falcon wing doors on the new Tesla Model X Crossover SUV during a launch event on September 29, 2015 in Fremont, California. After several production delays, Elon Musk officially launched the much anticipated Tesla Model X Crossover SUV.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The potential of electric cars is greater now than ever

Top 6 Reasons That Are Stopping the Electric Vehicles From Going Mainstream

Technology has been advancing rapidly in the recent past. In the automobile industry, things have been getting better and better with every day that unfolds.  Electric and hybrid vehicles have now come up with features that are advanced, and you just can’t restrain yourself from. They have high-end performance ability that outperforms the fuel-driven vehicles

Electric vehicles – How Bright is Their Future Now?

Electric vehicles – how bright is their future now? Since we live in the advanced world of technology, most of us have believe that the future is centered on electric vehicles. There’s been a lot of debate on the topic. Some have faith that 5 years from now the world will become a safer place