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Tesla’s Refrigerator Sized Cooling Problem

Electric cars require cooling systems. Not nearly to the extent that a combustion engine vehicle does, but lithium ion batteries get hot. Put your laptop on your lap for an hour and you might start cooking your own thighs. So you can imagine, thousands of lithium ion batteries will require a significant amount of cooling.

What is the Tesla Roadster 1.5, exactly?

The second generation of Tesla Roadster will look exactly the same, but sport a new “Powertrain 1.5”.  This powertrain is an improved motor, inverter and gearbox designed to replace their previous two-speed transmission that had many durability, efficiency and cost challenges.  The faulty 2-speed transmission effectively forced Tesla to sell its Roadster locked into second

Extraordinary Recession Affects Tesla Motors

Newly appointed CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, created a new post, Extraordinary Times Require Focus, in his blog today. He announces Tesla is going to “consolidate operations”, which means “lay off” a few people. This was expected since every car company is getting hit by the economic crisis, even electric car startups. He also

Tesla Roadster footage

I love the bikers at the end. Same amount of emissions, not quite as fast. A Brit’s first impression of the Tesla Roadster. Pretty informative.

On Jay Leno’s New Ride

The new video circulating the internet of Jay Leno’s Tesla Roadster is exciting and intriguing for many reasons.  See for yourself: He really breaks down the car from a car guy’s perspective.  And he notes many factors that may make electric automobiles the heir apparent to the gasoline combustion car.  Net environmental advantage and price