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Update on the Venturi Volage

The Venturi Volage concept is, hopefully, finally coming to fruition. Unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, the Volage is a collaborative effort between Venturi Automobiles and Michelin tires. This union of allowed Michelin to trial its truly innovative “Active Wheel” technology, which incorporates 2 electric motors per wheel, one for drive and one for

On the Venturi America

Many people think Tesla made the first production electric sports car in 2008, with the Tesla Roadster. However, Venturi Automobiles had been shipping the Venturi Fetish to well endowed customers since 2006. Then then there¬† was the Venturi Volage, an awesome tetra-motored electric¬† supercar concept that should be available soon. The French automotive company’s latest

Venturi Volage revealed at Paris Motor Show

Venturi has finally revealed the successor to the Venturi Fetish and they do not disappoint. Working closely with Michelin, they designed a car that redefines the traditional concept of a vehicle. Instead of connecting wheels to a motor and chassis, Venturi and Michelin miniaturized the electric motors and suspension and put them inside every wheel:

On the Venturi Fetish

The Venturi Fetish became the world’s first production electric sports car when it was unveiled at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show. To this day, it remains the worlds most expensive and rare electric sports car, as only 25 were delivered worldwide. The price range has been around $400,000 to $500,000 over the years. Performance is