Fisker Karma and the Q Drive Drivetrain

The Karma’s Q DRIVE configuration consists of a small gasoline engine that turns the generator, which charges the lithium ion battery pack, powering the electric motor and turning the rear wheels. The vehicle will have an all electric range of 50 miles before the gasoline powered 4-cylinder engine generator kicks in. After this, the full

Detroit, “Get Off Your Butt”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an avid proponent of green technology. California has made massive strides to make itself the green tech capital of the world. He loves his Tesla Roadster so much that he gave Tesla huge incentives to manufacture their future sedan, the Model S, in San Jose. Now, about this bailout.  With all the

Very Informative Video of BG’s C100

BG Automotive is currently manufacturing America’s first mass produced electric car, the BG C100. Here we see the first known footage of the vehicle in action. The car has extensive safety features, a steel body, and is priced under $20k. Keep in mind this car is only allowed in speed zones up to 50 mph

Awesome Video of Dodge EV smoking a Challenger

In this video from the Los Angeles Times you see the superior acceleration that comes from an electric motor. While the Challenger sports a 425 hp HEMI engine; the Dodge EV, as well as every electric car, has full torque over the entire RPM range. I always love seeing these drag races between electric drivetrain

What Obama means for the Electric Car

I try not to exhibit any political bias on this site because, hey, republican, democrat, libertarian, independent, everyone likes cars. And both political frontrunners this year made strong appeals for renewable, clean energy as well as electric vehicles. McCain stressed energy independence as a way of improving international relations, because “we need to stop buying

What is the Tesla Roadster 1.5, exactly?

The second generation of Tesla Roadster will look exactly the same, but sport a new “Powertrain 1.5”.  This powertrain is an improved motor, inverter and gearbox designed to replace their previous two-speed transmission that had many durability, efficiency and cost challenges.  The faulty 2-speed transmission effectively forced Tesla to sell its Roadster locked into second