From Autoblog: Fisker Karma to use GM’s 2.0-liter turbo’d four

Posted Nov 21st 2008 1:59PM by Jeremy Korzeniewski Filed under: Hybrids/Alternative, Green, I.C.E., GM Click above for high-res gallery of the Fisker Karma Fisker Automotive has apparently decided that 260 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque should be plenty of power to recharge some batteries. Those 260 galloping ponies will come courtesy of the General

Miles EV gets rid of the grill

Old: New: In addition to changing the car’s name from the Miles XS500 to the Miles EV, Miles Electric Vehicles was apparently listening to me when a few months ago, I politely said this car needs a makeover. (I doubt it though) The new model? Well, the digital rendering definitely looks unique. It seems as

On the Pininfarina B0 (B Zero)

Yet another Italian born, electric vehicle made its debut at the Paris Auto Show last month. This one has a 153-mile range and a top governed speed of 80 Mph. However, acceleration will be similar to its Italian competitor, the Tazzari Zero.  Meaning, not very fast, 0-37 in 6.3 seconds. The advanced solar panels built

Better Place and Renault-Nissan Expanding

A little over a month ago I wrote about Shai Agassi and his Better Place plan.  And wow, does he work fast.  Better place has added Oregon, Monaco, Australia, and California to its list of areas willing to build an Renault-Nissan electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  This will include widely deployed charging spots, but will be

This would solve everything.

Video Rendering of the Maglev System This is the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway. This is a rail system of magnetically levitated containers that can carry people, cars, freight, and well, pretty much anything at high speed. The containers will travel like packets of data travel over the internet, mathematically spaced for optimal speed and efficiency.

Electric Car spokesman knows nothing about Electric Cars

Check out this video, and statements in question start at 1:20: According to Phil Lebow, auto industry journalist for CNBC, the Dodge EV is a Range Extended Electric Vehicle that gets 40 miles all electric, and then switches on a gasoline generator, just like the Chevy Volt.  Wrong.  The Dodge EV is a pure electric