Fisker Automotive helps out Michigan

Fisker Automotive announced today that it is opening a new, 34,000-sq-ft Engineering and Development Center in Pontiac, Michigan. This is great news for the struggling automotive state that has a dearth of newly jobless, skilled automotive professionals. Fisker’s 34,000 square-foot location is expected to employ only around 200 workers, with 130 jobs already spoken for

MINI E to use AC Propulsion Drivetrain had an interesting article today on another electric car that will be utilizing the AC Propulsion drivetrain that has been found in the likes of the GM EV1, Tzero, Telsa Roadster, eBox, and Venturi Fetish: While we were discussing the upcoming premiere of the new MINI E at the LA Auto Show, we mused

“Rendered speculation” unveiled of Tesla Model S

Last week, a article displayed a picture of this vehicle in its new and future cars section. People are having a tough time nailing down where this rendering came from and its legitimacy. Was it released by Tesla Motors? Or is it just somebody’s best estimate of what the car could look like? A

BYD: China’s Sleeping Giant

BYD (Build Your Dreams) Auto is a Chinese automaker that was founded in 2003 as a branch of BYD Limited, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries.  With this established background in lithium-ion technology, BYD is ambitiously planning on releasing some of the most viable, reasonably priced electric vehicles ever.  Their first production

BMW announces MINI E

BMW announced this last week that they will be revealing their purely electric, MINI E at the Los Angeles Auto show. Previously, they had planned a hybrid mini, but they seem to be jumping on the all-electric drivetrain bandwagon along with Chrysler, Chevy, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, to name a few. The MINI E comes with

On the eBox

The eBox has been around a while, but I haven’t written an article on it yet. Mainly because the eBox is not necessarily a complete car, but an AC Propulsion electric drivetrain that is installed in a Scion xB. AC Propulsion is responsible for drivetrain technology used in the GM EV1, Tesla Roadster, Venturi Fetish,