The Electric Car can Save America (or help a bit)

I’m always a bit peeved hearing people say the environmental movement is going to damage the economy and anything that weens ourselves off of oil is going to hurt our strongest American corporations. Logical argument, but a weak one. First of all, our oil companies are posting record profits while American citizens are amidst a

Nissan serious about electric cars?

Neat article today about Nissan’s electric future. Sounds like Nissan is skipping this sissyfooting with hybrids and going straight to electric powered vehicles. They currently buy hybrid systems from Toyota for the Nissan Altima hybrid, but, according to Mitsuhiko Yamashita, Nissan Motor Co. Executive Vice President, “Hybrids may not be all that special.” This makes

The West Philly Hybrid X Team

It’s not often that I am truly inspired by something. I’m just not a sappy guy. But a group of teenagers from Western Philadelphia High School definitely moved me. What started as a regular inner city high school shop class has become a world renown hybrid automotive team that is respected by the biggest car

Evolution of an Electric Supercar (LiV Rush)

This is a cool old video on the Hybrid Technologies, L1X-75: This car is now known as the LiV Rush and the Hybrid Technologies website says the beast accelerates from 0-60 in 5 to 6 seconds. Really pedestrian when you compare that to the 3.1 second claim in the video from over a year ago.