On the Nissan NuVu

The Nissan NuVu is a an electric micro 3-seater concept that will hopefully be put into production some time in 2010. Judging by the Nissan Press Release below, their intention is to provide an electric car that will not only clear up the air, but ease street congestion in metropolitan areas. The car is 3

On the Tango

I mean George Clooney’s got one, what else do I have to say? The Tango is a plug-in EV produced by Commuter Cars Corporation. It may look like a small economy car, but the Tango is neither cheap nor slow. This in-line two-seater will rocket from 0-60 in 4 seconds and can reach a top

ZENN, EEStor, and LightEVs Love Triangle

There seems to be a lot of confusion recently concerning who owns the rights to EEstor’s breakthrough (hopefully) battery technology. Let me simplify it to the best of my knowledge: ZENN- as of April 2007 ZENN has exclusive rights to EEStor’s capacitors (EESU) for use in small 4-wheeled vehicles. Lockheed Martin- as of January 9,

Play by Play of 60 Minutes’ Electric Car Episode [VIDEO]

Watch CBS Videos Online :25- “The jury is still out on whether electric cars can ever really be practical” The EV1 and Toyota Rav-4 EV showed us that electric cars could be completely viable alternatives over 10 years ago, using lead-acid batteries. :58- “This (Tesla Roadster) is the first, all electric sports car…” C’mon Lesley,

Electric Joule coming from South African Company

The Joule is a 6-seater hatchback, designed by Optimal Energy, a privately-owned South African company based in Cape Town that specializes in urban transportation. The exterior and interior design is the work of Jaguar XJ220 designer, Keith Helfet. The Joule is expected to have a 120 mile range with the option of expanding that to

Smart ED introduced at Paris Auto Show

Daimler has been working on electric smart cars for a couple years now. The company has been testing an earlier version of the Smart ED in London since the end of 2007, leasing 100 vehicles to get real-world experience with electric drives.  Their success has led to Daimler to expand the project into Berlin, with