Venturi Volage revealed at Paris Motor Show

Venturi has finally revealed the successor to the Venturi Fetish and they do not disappoint. Working closely with Michelin, they designed a car that redefines the traditional concept of a vehicle. Instead of connecting wheels to a motor and chassis, Venturi and Michelin miniaturized the electric motors and suspension and put them inside every wheel:

On the Mitsubishi iMiev

The Mitsubishi iMiev is a highway capable, compact electric car that will get have a 75-100 mile ev range and a top speed of 80mph.  It is uncertain if the iMiev will reach the US, but it is expected to be released for commercial sale in Japan by 2009.  Test fleets are already on the

The Energy Revolution: Could America get left behind?

With our stock market faltering, our investment firms sinking, involvement in frustratingly unproductive conflicts, and our entire southern region battered by hurricanes, America seems to have a lot more to worry about than our environment.  What many don’t realize is that all of these issues can be tied to America’s insistence  that energy sustainability has

On the Venturi Fetish

The Venturi Fetish became the world’s first production electric sports car when it was unveiled at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show. To this day, it remains the worlds most expensive and rare electric sports car, as only 25 were delivered worldwide. The price range has been around $400,000 to $500,000 over the years. Performance is

On the Velozzi

With all the buzz surrounding the big name automakers entering EV market, I thought I’d take some time to write about a relatively unheralded upstart looking to take home the Progressive Automotive X Prize. Unheralded, until you find out how many rocket scientists are behind the program, with help from Bayer MaterialScience, Weisman R&D, some

Chrysler Reveals its Electric Cars!

Looks like the good ol’ boys at Chrysler have been paying attention. With rising gas prices, economic downturn, and their own disappointing sales, Chrysler had been secretly developing electric cars since 2007 in the ENVI program. Each of these 3 highway capable EV’s has its own distinct characteristics and function. Dodge EV The Dodge EV