When EV startups go wrong (Spark EV)

The electric automobile industry seems to a have wild, wild west aura about it right now, with its brave, independent startups and entrepreneurs, gold diggers, snake-oil salesmen, and vigilante policing. This atmosphere will continue until the big guns decide to take over and crush the little guys. But for now, we have companies like Spark

On the Miles XS500

There are a lot of things I love about this car: $30,000-$40,000, highway speed ev, 120+ mile driving range. But most of all I love the completely traditional styling. No wings, wheel covers, space age moldings, or anything that screams “I’m different!”. But therein lies the problem with this car; it looks exactly like a

On Alan Cocconi

If you follow electric cars you need to be familiar with Alan Cocconi.  As you can plainly see from the picture above, he’s kind of a badass.  He is predominantly responsible for the technology found in the GM EV1; which was ahead of its time, or technology today is behind the times depending on how

On the Ultimate Aero EV

Shelby SuperCars, or SSC, is an American supercar company founded by Jarod Shelby. The automaker and founder have no relation to Shelby Automobiles, the performance Mustang outfitter. However they have built up a recent amount of publicity of their own with the Ultimate Aero, the current Guinness World Record holder for fastest production car. A

Lightning GT to be Unveiled in UK

The Lightning GT will be displayed at the British Motor Show on July 23. Some say the Lightning GT is simply the British version of the Tesla Roadster, however besides costing over twice as much, the GT has a few other key differences. 1) According to Chris Dell, the managing director of Lightning, the car

Fisker Contracts Valmet Automotive to Manufacture Karma

Valmet Automotive is a brand-independent, specialty car manufacturer in Finland. They manufacture some cars for Porsche, i.e. the Cayman and Boxster. So keep these guys in mind if you want to start your own electric car company. Fisker and Valmet plan to churn out 15,000 cars annually with the first cars to be delivered at