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Common Tesla Model S Questions Answered

Image source Since its release, the Tesla Model S has caused a lot of buzzes and even more debate than some of the most popular cars of the past century! No doubt this is due to its innovation, which makes it a whole different kettle of fish to the average car, which means that few

On the BMW i3 Concept Coupe

BMW is finally entering the electric vehicle market with their i series after clinging to absolute confidence in clean diesel technology for years. The most promising prospect of the their concept stable is probably the BMW i3 Concept Coupe: a highway capable, two-door hatchback with a subtle futuristic style and hints of the traditional BMW

MINI E to use AC Propulsion Drivetrain

Autobloggreen.com had an interesting article today on another electric car that will be utilizing the AC Propulsion drivetrain that has been found in the likes of the GM EV1, Tzero, Telsa Roadster, eBox, and Venturi Fetish: While we were discussing the upcoming premiere of the new MINI E at the LA Auto Show, we mused

BMW announces MINI E

BMW announced this last week that they will be revealing their purely electric, MINI E at the Los Angeles Auto show. Previously, they had planned a hybrid mini, but they seem to be jumping on the all-electric drivetrain bandwagon along with Chrysler, Chevy, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, to name a few. The MINI E comes with