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Chrysler Continues Electric Push with 200C

Chrysler unveiled another electric car from its ENVI program at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Stylistically, it could be best compared to a Mercedes CLS. And really, for Chrysler, this is a great looking car. The 200c is a range extended electric vehicle, so the car will be a able to travel 40 miles with

Dodge Circuit on the Test Track

The renamed and remodeled Dodge Circuit (Dodge EV) was spotted on the test track recently. The Tesla killer was given Dodge’s signature cross grill as well as numerous other aesthetic changes. It definitely looks more like a Dodge than a Lotus now.

Chrysler Reveals its Electric Cars!

Looks like the good ol’ boys at Chrysler have been paying attention. With rising gas prices, economic downturn, and their own disappointing sales, Chrysler had been secretly developing electric cars since 2007 in the ENVI program. Each of these 3 highway capable EV’s has its own distinct characteristics and function. Dodge EV The Dodge EV