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The Best Things About Buying an Electric Car

If you’re considering buying a car these days, you might want to think about buying electric. Electric cars are a greener way of driving, and they represent the future of cars. There are an awful lot of advantages to buying an electric car. Here are just some of the best things about them. These should

Pros and Cons of Buying an Electric Car

  Electric cars are quite new on the market and have not yet been taken to by the masses. But they represent the future of eco-friendly automotive travel. There may come a time in a few years when electric cars overtake regular cars as the vehicle of choice. In the meanwhile, you’ll want to consider

Is hydrogen fuel cell technology a non-starter?

This article was written by www.asm-autos.co.uk, the UK’s leading vehicle salvage agents and experts in the ‘value my car’ market. The majority of manufacturers are now producing ranges of electric plug-in vehicles (EVs), with the Government investing millions in supporting this young and growing market, giving alternative technologies significantly less press. However, in America, manufacturers

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Coming On Line in Cleveland

Hydrogen powered vehicles can convert hydrogen into mechanical energy in two ways, through combusting the fuel to create power at the wheels or converting the hydrogen to electricity through a fuel cell, which sends the power to an electric motor.  So while technically, you don’t need to plug in a fuel cell electric vehicle, it

Electric Vehicles Available Now

Since 2008, we have been covering the electric vehicle market, and things have certainly changed since then.  Back in the day, an electric vehicle startup, Tesla Motors, perked international interest with the Tesla Roadster.  Then dozens of concepts, specialized automakers, and eletrofitters rolled in. I remember when it was only the little guys like ZAP,

Wireless Electricity could open many doors for Electric Cars

This is a neat video I came across today describing wireless electricity technology. The basic premise behind it is that you can start with an electricity conducting item that creates a magnetic field and transfers its power wirelessly to a charging item. So the speaker, Eric Giler, explains its potential applications: recharging cell phones and