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Elon Musk Announces Model 3 Delivery Dates, Beginning July 28th

tesla model 3 news
Elon Musk said in a tweet last week that he would have breaking news about the release date of the Tesla Model 3 on Sunday.

Well, he lied, just a little bit, as he was busy in the meantime tweeting about his outspoken love for floors and the direction the earth is moving, “up”. Finally, on Monday, he snapped out of deep contemplation and announced that the Tesla Model 3 would be delivered on July 28 to the first special orders from SpaceX and Tesla employees.

So Tesla is ahead of schedule, but probably not under budget.  Elon Musk went on to describe further details on deliveries.  After shipment number one, which will be more like a company handover party, production will grow exponentially, with 100 cars delivered in August, 1,500 in September, and 20,000 deliveries in December. They have a lot of catching up to do, as they need to fulfill at least 400,000 pre-orders as of right now.  The biggest limiting factor to Model 3 production will be battery pack production.

The starting price for the Tesla Model 3 will be $35,000 before incentives.  New reservations have a delivery date of mid-2018 or later.  More information can be found at the Tesla Model 3 website.

Official Tesla Model 3 Announcement Video

Tesla plans to begin making deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 by late 2017. The Model 3 combines real world range, performance, safety and spaciousness into a premium sedan. This will be Tesla’s most affordable car yet. The Model 3 achieves 215 miles of range per charge while starting at only $35,000 before incentives and regional electric vehicle tax deductions. Model 3 is designed to attain the highest safety ratings in every category. The Model 3 will also include automated drive technology, standard. By now, over 400,000 people have payed the $1,000 reservation fee. There is obviously strong demand for this stylish plug-in, fully electric vehicle from a brand known for bringing cutting edge technology to drivers demanding more from automakers. This may be Elon Musk’s most ground breaking model, an entry into the middle class consumer car market.  Let’s hope Tesla can supply the demand.

From Tesla Motors:
Model 3 is the next logical step of Tesla’s “secret master plan” and mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Like every Tesla, Model 3 is engineered to combine range, performance, safety and utility. Smart design maximizes interior space, to comfortably fit 5 adults and all of their gear. Tesla makes fast cars, Model 3 is no exception. The high efficiency electric motor provides zero to 60 mph acceleration in less than six seconds. And when equipped with electric all-wheel drive, Model 3 provides safe and dependable traction in all conditions.

Designed with safety as a priority, Model 3 should be the safest car in its class once testing completes. This, combined with over 200 miles of range while starting at $35,000 before incentives, makes Model 3 an extraordinary mid-size sedan.

Model 3 will begin production in late 2017, ramping Tesla vehicle production to 500,000 vehicles per year.